KOR is a coaching platform offering 1-1 monthly running coaching and personalised training plans.

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Whether you want to run for the first time, improve your 10K PB, achieve a sub 3:00 Marathon, or improve your overall fitness, KOR will help you achieve your goal. Everyone has different abilities, goals, motivations, strengths and weaknesses when it comes to running and training. You deserve to maximise your potential and achieve whatever it is you set their mind to. We will help you do this.

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We understand it can be hard to know where to start. We will guide you and educate you. We want you to love running.

We will help you achieve what you are capable of. We will guide you to achieve your race distance and achieve your new PB!

There are some pinnacle moments when it comes to running. Providing structure, accountability, and expertise, we will help you level up your training.

There's more to running than distance and PBs. Exercise has huge benefits on your physical and mental health. We will support your overall fitness journey and help you implement lifelong changes.



Running Coach
Running Coach

Having played and competed in a variety of sports from a young age, Kieran has always been interested in achieving his maximum athletic performance. Having focused on Gaelic football and hurling for the majority of his teenage years, things changed in 2020, when the pandemic hit.

With all team training cancelled, he decided to take up running as a way to keep fit and healthy. Having never ran more than 5km, he went hell for leather every time he ran. He did not know how to properly train or how to improve and thought it was as simple as just running more! In the space of 2 years, Kieran completed 20+ half Marathons and 2 full marathons . This was achieved through completely changing his training methods and listening to his body. 

Kieran has dedicated the past year to studying and understanding everything there is to know about running and endurance training. Having qualified as a UESCA Running Coach , Kieran now coaches a range of athletes training for 5km to Full Marathon distance. His goal is to support individuals who need advice on their running journey and those who want achieve their maximum potential and raise the bar.

I have run on and off for years but never consistently, so having the 1-1 coaching has been a great way to hold myself accountable. Kieran created a plan to suit my lifestyle and having the weekly/monthly check-ins made it really easy to communicate how I was getting on and adapt if things were too hard/easy.

Laura 1-1 Coaching

Cannot recommend enough!! My training plan is adapted to me and my goals! I love the little pieces of advice and explanations that are given

Sarah Half Marathon Training Plan

I am training in a more efficient way than ever before. I have more energy and feel so much stronger. My 10k plan seems less intense than my previous training but I am en route to a huge PB

Matt 10K Training Plan

Kieran and KOR know what they are talking about. Everything has a reason behind it and is so well explained

Cathal 1-1 Coaching

The plans are so well structured, I always feel well rested and look forward to my runs

Peter 1-1 Coaching

4 weeks into my plan and I am loving it. I never thought I’d be able to run as much as I can now

Kathy 5K Beginner Training Plan